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What is a webinar and what is needed for it?

The main feature of webinars is interactivity. For example, the ability to discuss, send, and receive information in real time. During the webinar, you can run surveys, invite other participants to the microphone. And the most important thing is to perform with a camera, show a presentation and a screen, and chat.

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Android 12 - Google Assistant lets you turn off your phone by voice

Android 12 is not lagging behind, and with its innovations it is trying to attract more and more buyers. In today's article, we will discuss the Google Voice Assistant feature

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Webinar: 'Shame and Guilt as Levers of Social Pressure'

Shame and guilt are the main feelings that distinguish humans from animals. With the help of guilt and shame, you can control people - both others and yourself

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Psychology of Trading. Webinar-provocation

Understand yourself, weigh the pros and cons, analyze all the risks and go into battle with a cold mind to make a profit

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