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Digital currencies. How to start and where to invest

Digital currencies. CRYPT Review 2022 18 / February / 22 Homer Barton Visitors: 590 Rating: ★★★★★

Whether I want it or not, but digital currencies are increasingly entering the lives of ordinary citizens and especially investors.

You can invest directly in the crypt:

  • by buying some coins on the stock exchange and waiting for their growth
  • start mining the crypt using your own and several other computers

Buy shares of companies that are "in the subject

I'm not ready to advise yet to shout "put all the money in Bitcoin, it will cost a billion in 2 weeks", so I picked up several companies whose shares you can buy on the stock exchange with a regular brokerage account

Coinbase (COIN) is an American cryptocurrency exchange. Various coins are traded on the exchange itself, and the company earns commissions for transactions. This is not a direct way to invest in the crypt. Cautious investors prefer shares of a company within which transactions with crypto take place, it is safer this way. The company is more amenable to analysis and its success also depends on changes in the prices of the crypt. So be careful, the volatility of such a paper is very, very high

NVIDIA (NVDA) - produce video cards. Video cards are needed to mine new coins. Taking into account the growing popularity of the crypt, NVIDIA does not remain in the red. The company is constantly pumping its cards and releasing them to the market. Their cost is growing, and the company's revenues are growing. The main task is to sell video cards. So far, they are very much in demand on the market. But I don't know exactly how long it will last

Riot Blockchain (RIOT) is an American crypto mining company. When you are trying to get richer at home on an old computer, there are offices in the world that have hundreds of thousands of such computers, and they extract much more crypts. RIOT is continuously increasing capacity and purchasing equipment. Further growth depends on many factors, but given that the company is American, promising and quite working, in my opinion, it is much more "protected" from unforeseen circumstances than the same miners from China.

And now let's talk. Knowing all that is happening with the crypt now, going back to 2010, would you risk selling an apartment or at least a car and investing all the money in digital coins?


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