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Thanks to the constant development of the Internet and means of communication, for traders who trade Forex via the Internet, information is becoming more accessible. Therefore, many traders, as well as investors

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Field audit - its goals and stages

A field audit is a tool that allows you to evaluate how effectively a sales development strategy is being implemented in the field. In simple words, a field audit is a check of the work of a company. You can understand if sales are going well, see if there are problems on the ground and decide how to correct the shortcomings.

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The US has been growing economically for 10 years in a row.

In the United States, we are living the longest economic growth cycle in history: last July, we exceeded 10 consecutive years of positive indicators. And there we continue with annual growth close to 2% and repeat the key question at the moment on Wall Street: will we be close to the end of the cycle

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The Central Bank of China repeats: we continue to put pressure on the crypto market

The Chinese central bank will continue its crackdown on the digital coin market, the central bank said in a statement on Saturday.

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Investing in Gold: Strategies and Opportunities

Investing in gold has been widely talked about in the financial media due to its extreme volatility as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Stock Markets Rise While Gold and Oil Prices Decline

After rising oil and gold prices and falling stocks over several trading sessions, there was a tipping point yesterday.

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What is ethereum (ethereum) and how to make money on it

Ethereum (from the English - ethereum) - the world's second cryptocurrency in popularity and trading volume. Thus, in 2019, the capitalization of etherium (ethereum) reached $ 32 billion.

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Digital currencies. How to start and where to invest

Cautious investors prefer shares of a company within which transactions with crypto take place, it is safer this way. The company is more amenable to analysis and its success also depends on changes in the prices of the crypt.

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Crypto trading for beginners: what Important tips should you know?

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have changed the business and financial landscape. New coins are being released at a frantic pace, with over 2,000 now available to trade. Of course, Bitcoin is most familiar with its $ 90 billion market cap, but others like Litecoin and Ripple are also starting to make waves.

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Shares of Chinese companies working in the field of technology and education collapsed in Hong Kong

The shares of the Chinese educational platform New Oriental Education & Technology Group at auction in Hong Kong on Monday fell by 47%, Scholar Education Group - by 48%.

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Google, Apple and Amazon are dealing with a typical Smart Home stage

Technology does not stand still, and today everyone knows about the ability of scientists to create things that could previously be the fiction of science fiction writers. Thanks to “smart home”, routine tasks no longer annoy and do not cause fatigue for home owners.

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How to make a webinar?

And then just say what time the meeting is scheduled, and wait for the start of the webinar. Small system hints and the type of buttons will help you quickly get used to it.

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