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Is there a common denominator for dollar release: dollar mining or yen quorum?

That is, there is a comparison of sleep values. Measures taken by the US court. Ainsi is an exchange rate of Euro for Dollar (EUR/USD) or Pound Sterling for Yen (GBP/JPY) for example. There are several new international codes for foreign exchange trading.

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Forex dollar rises against the yen on the back of US stocks

The dollar edged higher against the yen on Thursday, supported by modest gains in US stocks and the US Mid-Atlantic Industrial Survey, which showed more positive signs for the economy than the weak bottom line suggested.

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Back to news Despite falling against the dollar, the euro is still too strong

Even though the euro (EUR/USD) peaked at $1.23 on January 6, 2021 and (too) many forecasters still saw it rise for a long time, the euro (EUR/USD) USD) fell logically.

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Are you new to Forex trading and want to learn online trading?

This article is a "real guide to Forex for dummies", aimed at novice traders. There you will be able to learn line by line everything you need to know to start working on Forex (FX).

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Before investing in Forex, you need to understand the exchange rate.

Forex quotes are currency rates that can be found on trading platforms. Unfortunately, there are forex traders who do not know how the exchange rate works. In this article, we will tell you how to read currency quotes and Forex jargon for beginners.

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First quarter sales of LVMH (owner of Investir) reached 18 billion euros

The world number one in luxury launched the spring publication season on Tuesday evening and set the bar high for the other members of the Cac 40. Its turnover as of March 31 was higher than analysts' expectations, despite the cognac and China.

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news analysts track the top 100 successful companies

For 20 years, colleagues at have been filtering out 100 so-called champions from all stocks listed worldwide. According to performance analysis, these are the most successful and safe stocks in the world in the long run.

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Draghi: EU companies can pay for gas in euros or dollars

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi told reporters that during a telephone conversation with Putin, he expressed his conviction that a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which he had asked for from the very beginning, was necessary to resolve key issues. necessary

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Thanks to the constant development of the Internet and means of communication, for traders who trade Forex via the Internet, information is becoming more accessible. Therefore, many traders, as well as investors

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Field audit - its goals and stages

A field audit is a tool that allows you to evaluate how effectively a sales development strategy is being implemented in the field. In simple words, a field audit is a check of the work of a company. You can understand if sales are going well, see if there are problems on the ground and decide how to correct the shortcomings.

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The US has been growing economically for 10 years in a row.

In the United States, we are living the longest economic growth cycle in history: last July, we exceeded 10 consecutive years of positive indicators. And there we continue with annual growth close to 2% and repeat the key question at the moment on Wall Street: will we be close to the end of the cycle

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The Central Bank of China repeats: we continue to put pressure on the crypto market

The Chinese central bank will continue its crackdown on the digital coin market, the central bank said in a statement on Saturday.

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