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 For 20 years, colleagues at have been filtering out 100 so-called champions from all stocks listed worldwide. According to performance analysis, these are the most successful and safe stocks in the world in the long run. And these international stocks alone make up the investment universe for our two funds, which rose 4.9% in March. Specific:


From 2.2% to 4.9% for funds in March


The two tranches of the equity fund, which lives up to the motto "eating, drinking and cleaning are always better", rose 2.2% and 2.4% respectively. And also googled, streamed, bought and paid…” equally invested in 33 wealth-creating champions whose products and services are regularly used by tens of millions of people around the world.


13 of these asset accumulation champions also form the backbone of the global fund, whose tranches even rose by 4.7% and 4.9% in March and which was conceived as a mixed pension fund. Because 50 percent of the World Fund's investment is invested in these 13 favorite champions on an ongoing basis, and the other half is invested on a trend basis. In particular, based on the ingenious investment strategy of Champions-BOTSDefensiv, up to 15 other champions are selected every month - the most popular at the moment. This means:


Uptrends of champions are gaining momentum


If Champions stock is trending higher across the board, the share ratio could go up to 100%. And in weaker market phases, such as in the last few weeks, share shares are declining again. After the markets began to recover in early March, BOTSI consultant for the global fund has now reported an increase in share allocation from the last 80% to around 93%. Because while only PepsiCo made a profit after rising about 5% in March, five champions have been added with Bunzl, Danaher, Henry Schein, Nemetschek and Thermo Fisher already in a strong uptrend again.


By the way, the uniqueness of the global fund lies not only in the evidence-based investment strategy of Champions-BOTSDefensiv, but also in its distribution tranche. Because investors receive 0.25% of the investment every month. The next date is April 29, when €0.28 per share will be distributed.


PS: More information about funds can be found in the Guide to Your Assets, which we will be happy to send you free of charge and without any obligation.

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