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What is a webinar and what is needed for it?

A webinar is the conduct of online meetings or presentations over the Internet in real time 31 / May / 21 Homer Barton Visitors: 1624 Rating:

On the web, you can find another definition of a webinar — an event that is held online.

Webinar, what is it?

Webinars or webinar, online seminar, web conference — this is a convenient way to conduct training, trainings, conferences. That is, any online meetings for a large number of participants.

The main feature of webinars is interactivity. For example, the ability to discuss, send, and receive information in real time.  During the webinar, you can run surveys, invite other participants to the microphone. And the most important thing is to perform with a camera, show a presentation and a screen, and chat.

In addition to educational purposes, webinars are used for sales and other marketing purposes.

You can read about how to make a webinar really interactive in our blog.

Main features of webinars

In addition to the fact that you can hold a lecture for thousands of people, there are other functions in the webinar room.

presentation by one or more presenters;

ability to download and view presentations and videos;

text chat;

electronic whiteboard;

polls and votes;

demonstration of the speaker's desktop screen;

recording of the broadcast for further viewing.


Online seminars are convenient for presenters and participants. Therefore, this format of online events is becoming more popular every year. Webinars make conferences and meetings convenient and efficient. Anyone can participate in the webinar without leaving the workplace or being at home, on a business trip or on vacation. This means that you no longer need to worry about renting a hall, coffee breaks and moving, you can hold a conference in a few clicks!

Webinars are a way to conduct classes, so they are successfully used in education, marketing, sales, and corporate training. You can create your own conferences, training courses, and seminars on any topic and for any audience. Our colleague Katya told us about how to prepare for the first webinar and start conducting webinars independently.

What do you need for a webinar?

To conduct a webinar, you do not need to install additional programs or special equipment. To start a web conference, you just need a computer with internet access, a sound card, and a microphone. Almost all modern computers already have everything you need. In addition, you do not need to have any specific technical knowledge. If you know how to use search engines or watch videos on YouTube, then you can hold a webinar.

To organize a high-quality and effective broadcast, you need to carefully choose a webinar room, where you will hold your events, and a headset. But it should be remembered that carefully selected equipment for a webinar is not the key to success. A webinar is a responsible event that requires serious preparation and certain skills of the speaker.

Now that you know what a webinar is, you're ready to start creating your first event.

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