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Where to hold a webinar. Review of the 10 best sites

If you decide to organize online courses, trainings, or transfer some of your meetings to an online format, then you first need to take care of a reliable service for webinars and video conferences.

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The broker is registered in an island country and works without a license from any regulator. Trading with brokerage companies that operate without the control of regulators is accompanied by a high risk of losing money. Take all risks into account when deciding to open a trading account. Pros Low entry threshold; Support for traders from Russia; Large selection of assets. Disadvantages Lack of regulation; No training and demo account; No affiliate program.

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Logitech G333 review: in-channel headphones for gamers

G333 fits snugly in your ears and won't fall out even when walking or running with your phone. Three sets of silicone ear pads, a travel pouch and a USB-C connector adaptor are included. The latter is useful for gadgets without a mini-jack. These days there are more and more gadgets without an audio jack, so it's nice that the vendor took care of the adaptor.

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