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You will not surprise anyone with a scam in the currency and stock trading market. But there is a large fraud - like collusion of companies, speculation on the course of this or that asset. In such cases, the big players lose millions, and the cases of fraud hit the newspapers. It is another matter if small investors who invest several thousand dollars suffer. The media are rarely interested in such cases, and on the Internet, all these stories are overgrown with speculation. How does a scammer actually behave? DALEFOX LIMITED, a London-based broker, monitors the Forex fraud situation for professional reasons.

Based on the results of the DALEFOX LIMITED scam and speculation study on 2020, we will describe three main traps that villains set for their victims. scam detection team describes fraud

Most often, the victims of scams are traders with up to three years of experience.

The main mistakes of traders from the risk group:

  • Trust in advertisements with deliberately false income guarantees (anything that exceeds 100% per annum);
  • Transfer of funds (deposit) to the card of an individual (who can be represented by the manager of the company);
  • Investing 100% of capital in trading (it is easy to invest in an asset that will lose value - and incur losses in the amount of your entire budget);
  • Investing in only one asset (see the previous paragraph; professionals advise to invest no more than 20% of savings - in several assets with different potential);
  • Cooperation with companies that have been registered in offshore zones (Pacific Islands, Latin America, etc.).

It is ideal if a trader with little capital and experience chooses an intermediary who has provided a tariff for beginners. For example, at DALEFOX LIMITED, new traders are not threatened with scam (even "involuntary" - like investing all the money in one asset, for example). There is an account plan for beginners, the depo is from 100 euros, and the package offer includes obligatory consultations and training from a professional manager. Thus, the client does not deposit all family savings, but carefully develops a strategy with the support of a specialist.

Top 3 traps a fraudster comes up with. DALEFOX LIMITED scam check tips

Already from the above list, it is obvious how scammers attract victims - they promise a lot. Here are the three most popular traps:

False promises.

Don't trust ads that tell you about a steady income. The market is synonymous with impermanence. Today the asset is growing in value, and tomorrow the company will incur losses due to the election of a new president. Fluctuations in the price of an asset are inevitable, and therefore the income will be uneven. And if you are promised something else, then at best, you are simply not warned about possible losses. At worst, you are caught by a scammer who will disappear with your money. Account plans should be simple and straightforward, for example, look like this:

Registration in nowhere.

Residents of the European region are accustomed to European laws, so they may be surprised if they find that they have invested in a company that went bankrupt and did not compensate for the losses of customers. Check where the company is located before becoming a client.

For example, DALEFOX LIMITED broker has had an office in London since the company was founded:

There is no trading terminal.

If this is about your broker, then you have fallen for a scammer or an “intermediary of another intermediary”. In the first case, you can lose all your money, in the second, you can pay increased commissions. Whatever one may say, but all this is about losses, therefore it is not worth contacting a company without your own web terminal. An honest broker offers to install a terminal on its website:


In order not to get scammed, DALEFOX LIMITED recommends studying the terms of cooperation with a broker, which must be described on its website. Choose the right plan and build your strategy based on professional advice.

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Responsive and professional brokerage company. They constantly provide good services and help me get good profits. Easy access to market news and good broker tips. I get a good profit monthly, it is also easy to request the withdrawal of funds.

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Here each trader is waiting for quick and smooth payments, excellent customer service and excellent trading profit. Good company. Excellent trading opportunities. Everything is profitable. I place several transactions with shares and currency pairs, and all this is worth it.

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They explain everything I need to know including risks. The broker is very transparent in all transactions, so I feel confident.

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I recently began working with a broker, and this is a really good company. He brought his money quickly and without much effort. I earned a lot, and also learned from them a lot of efficient trading strategies. I recommend the broker to other traders.

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Careful and efficient customer service. They quickly handle the removal of funds. Excellent trading platform. And another deposit amount is quite accessible.

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In my opinion, the best broker. Why? Because if you are a beginner, like me, the support will help you minimize your trading risks. Last week, they prevented the loss of a big amount that I was going to invest in the wrong shares. So I am very obliged to them.

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I use dalefox limited for a year, mainly for the exchange between different cryptocurrencies. They have good courses, but sometimes I miss the exchange for various traditional currencies.

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Interesting and stable broker. Now I test the work of their credit shoulder, and while it looks very interesting and promising. Deposits acceptable. Removing funds - no problem. Only transaction costs are tight

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A very good broker, pays quickly, effectively helps in case of problems. According to the rating, today it is the best in Europe. Those that writes that they have problems with the output, check if you verify.