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How to become a representative of DALEFOX LIMITED Forex broker expands business

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All types of referral and affiliate programs offered by the DALEFOX LIMITED broker from the UK.

Trading is becoming more and more popular, but not everyone knows that you can also increase your income through cooperation with brokerage companies. For example, you can receive deductions from the commission of the broker's clients if you brought these clients to the company. You can make money on clicks on the link to the website of the brokerage company, if you have placed this link somewhere. Finally, there is an opportunity to gain experience in trading, undergo training and even become an official representative of the company. Let's take a closer look at ways to make money “on brokers” using the example of

This is the site where DALEFOX LIMITED Forex broker has described the terms of its affiliate programs.

How to become a client of DALEFOX LIMITED Forex from 250 euro deposit

In its field, DALEFOX LIMITED is a broker that purposefully supports new traders. Of the account plans of the company, the first is designed for investors with little capital, zero or little trading experience. This tariff includes teaching clients the basics of trading, fundamental and graphical analysis (only the basics):

There are several advantages of a broker:

British "residence permit" - the company's office is located in London. The thing is that the company is actively growing through the use of partner programs. So if you want to get advice, use the contact number indicated in the "Contacts" section:

Transparency. You can also learn more about the company's services on its website: in the "Legal Documents" section there is a list of documents that regulate the company's activities, the rights and obligations of the parties (client and broker), anti-scam measures and market risks.

Accounts for any wallet. Three types of portfolios are designed for diversified deposits in several assets. At the same time, it is possible to trade both oil and bitcoins. It all depends only on the financial capabilities and client's requests.

To become a client of the company, please register.

A manager will contact you, together you will choose a suitable plan and open a personal account. After that, you will be given access to the company terminal:

Referral partnership and representation from

What is the difference between a referral program and an affiliate program? Any client can make money on the referral, and only the trader who undergoes special training and receives a certificate will become a partner.

Types of referral programs:

 Pay for conversions and clicks. This is the easiest and least profitable way to earn extra money. The client needs to place a post or comment in which to mention the company (provide a link). If the readers of the post begin to follow the link, the client receives a fixed amount for each such transition. Its size depends on where the post / comment was posted. For example, if this is a personal account on a social network, then the payment will be lower than a comment in the profile group of traders or on the YouTube channel.

Payment for registration of new clients and their use of the company's trading terminal. This method can be briefly described by the phrase "bring a friend." If the client brought a “friend” and he was registered, opened an account and started trading, then the client will receive a part of the commission from the transactions of the “friend”. The amount of earnings depends on the tariff chosen by the "friend" and the scale of his trading.

What are the types of partnerships? The company offers two options.

The first is a partnership between two businesses. It can be of a different nature: from exchange of cross-links to direct recommendations of the company on the pages of the site (for example, if these businesses are close).

The second type of partnership is just a representation of the company in the client's region. Traders with at least a year of experience are allowed to use this format. Moreover, it is necessary to undergo training in fundamental market analysis and certification by the company. But such a development can completely change the life of the client, the size of his income and the type of activity.


DALEFOX LIMITED Forex broker offers several types of additional income for its clients. At the same time, the company has a positive experience of work and is confidently expanding its business.

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Heath Willis 01.12.2021

Reliable trading company. I am so grateful for the fact that they became my broker, they are really good. I have never had problems with the output of funds or any of their tools and services. There was almost a year with them.

Morgan Nicholas 19.12.2021

Excellent trading platform. Here I can trade with shares, currencies, cryptocurrency and oil. I highly recommend this respected company. There are so many good reasons to keep this brokerage service. Profitable signals, good customer service and rapid funds. Good leverage and narrow spreads.

Barrett Ethan 24.12.2021

I am satisfied with the trading conditions. Narrow spreads, good leverage and quick execution. Signals reliable and services are reliable. I recommend this broker to all traders. I get a good profit here. There are no transaction problems, I get the necessary support.

Lambert John 06.01.2022

Trade conditions, including leverage and spreads, are great. Exact signals, the output of the funds is fast. What else is needed?

Ball Christopher 20.01.2022

Customer support staff is friendly and ready to help if anything. They act quickly. Excellent broker.

Adams Daniel 22.01.2022

Excellent brokerage services. I recommend this broker to everyone. I am satisfied and be sure to continue cooperation.

Ellis Peter 29.01.2022

The most pleasant thing you can use any currencies in trading on this platform. Good liquidity. Acceptable commissions. I definitely recommend.

Farmer Nigel 02.02.2022

dalefox limited as always at the level. Samps may occur due to formalities and verification, but on the other hand you can be sure that they work in accordance with the rules. The proposal itself is very good.

Gardner Robert 09.02.2022

Unfortunately, sometimes I have some lags that, apparently, are associated with the work of the platform itself, but it is quite rare, so still intends to work with them. Liquidity is at a very good level.