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Be careful! Security specialists from Marwick Investments Limited scam protection guide

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How not to run into a scam? Marwick Investments Limited talks about the tricks of fraudsters

All users of the network have heard about fraud on the Internet. Nowadays, fraudsters are inventing all sorts of fraudulent ways to make money from customers: they disguise online platforms for the websites of brokerage companies. Who are scammers? These are scammers who steal money from the cards of inexperienced traders. Forex has attracted so many scammers because of its high popularity. For example, not so long ago most fraudulent sites were disguised as sites selling plane tickets, before the fishermen pretended to be financial translation services, even earlier it was a raffle of cars and valuable prizes…

Marwick Investments Limited, an English broker with more than five years of experience will talk about the main signs of phishing.

An experienced broker with more than 5 years of experience, who has been working in the UK since 2016:

Honest procedure of registration and verification on the broker's website. Marwick Investments Limited scam check:

All you need to do is fill out an online registration form - and you are a registered user on the brokerage company's website, becoming a potential client. The registration procedure is no different from registering on other sites. The potential client of the broker indicates on the site the full name and contact details for communication. They can also find out card numbers in such questionnaires, but there may be a catch.

  • Here's what a regular registration form looks like? For example, let's look at registration on, scam can be recognized by a few additional points.
  • The trader must indicate his full passport data, as well as the address of residence. This is basic information.
  • E-mail and contact telephone number are required. After registration, the client should be contacted to clarify questions.
  • One of the most important points is to pass the verification. This is the process of verifying the identity of the broker's client. To do this, you must present a photo or scan of a passport or driver's license of international standard, a scan of payment for utilities or any other services, which would indicate the address and full name. Sometimes you may be asked to submit a bank card photo (without a CVV code).

Experts from Marwick Investments Limited scam warning signs - do not cooperate with brokers who require such information from you

In the registration form you are asked to indicate the CVV number (three-digit code on the back of the bank card). These numbers are used to implement the 3D Secure card data protection system. These numbers should only be known to the cardholder. That is why bank employees forbid handing over their bank card, even paying for purchases (for example, a store seller). By the way, even a bank employee also has no right to know your CVV. You will not need this information from a decent company.

During registration, a field appears asking for a one-time security password. When registering on the broker's online site, you do not contact your partner bank, so this information may not be required. A one-time password may be required only when transferring bank funds. But by no means when registering on the site.


Before you start working with a broker, carefully study the company's website. Marwick Investments Limited can be considered as an example: all the necessary data, available information on trading conditions and no promises of guaranteed big earnings on the Forex exchange in the shortest possible time. Do not be fooled, trust only worthy companies.

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