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Why don't we use indicators? What problems

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Not every trader can understand the danger of indicators. It would seem that no matter what website you visit, indicator strategies and other grail indicators with 90% profitable signals are everywhere

But let's, like reasonable people, figure out what Forex Indicators are

In any version of MetaTrader, you will find a whole set of classic "turkeys" that are based on the rule: "History always repeats itself." And many mistakenly believe that, like an axiom, this rule does not require proof. But this is not an axiom

Always repeats, when is it? Is there a clear schedule for this "repetition", what are the conditions? No It's just words. If something repeats, but does not have a clear cycle, conditions, etc— - then this is a horoscope

Any indicator is arranged according to the principle of analyzing the history that is indicated in its period. That is, by setting the period of 50 bars in the settings, you look at the history of these 50 bars. And already in relation to the current bar, the indicator estimates the probability of a reversal or continuation of the trend.

But here's an example: if the price was in a narrow channel for the previous 50 bars, then the oscillator will expect this on the 51st. After all, in his opinion, the history of the flat repeats the Trend turkey, on the contrary, every touch of the channel border will be taken as the beginning of a new trend.

Erroneous attitudes in trading led to the general "incompetence" of such masters of analysis. And only a complete rejection of "faith in history" will be able to change something in your understanding of the market.

How did algotrading 100% replace entrepreneurship

"The essence of any business is to sell for more than you bought"

If we talk about algotrading as a business sphere. Then the general parallel becomes obvious: buy cheaper and sell more expensive. It's just that our product is money. Our staff are trading robots

And no matter what anyone says, it's much easier and more efficient to control a robot than people. But of course, this does not negate the need for control.

And now we have a clear structure with you: goods, personnel and related risks. If you buy too expensive goods in business, it is unlikely that you will be able to recoup it. If your staff works abominably— you don't have to wait for money.

The same is true in algotrading: you need to buy a currency before it starts to grow. Only professional robots need to be used in trading

But here's the distinguishing feature:

The starting capital of an algotrader is 10 times less than an entrepreneur. Here 100-200 t.p. is enough. But in business this threshold grows from 1 million rubles and above.

In algotrading, you do not need to be a "real leader" and establish communication and connections with suppliers or government agencies. You don't need to be able to set up ads and "make content".

All this, like nothing else, explains the huge popularity of trading with robots. It's much easier and more affordable, and the result in money is much higher

We said "NO" to the revelations

The beginning of this year was marked by the removal of all releases on our YouTube channel. Starting from the "guru traders" and ending with the pyramids. Where did this decision come from?

Every year we summarize what we have done. All robots undergo a comparative test for a year. And then we make a list of tasks — what we can do better. The same check overtakes all the content that was donated to the trading community

So, what conclusions were drawn:

We will continue to work on the creation of the latest mathematical systems. After all, they are still more understandable to our customers. Less stress

We refused video revelations, as the barrage of questions from deceived people exceeded all permissible limits.

We had to consult much more often on the refund of money from scammers. How to help those who are engaged in algotrading.

Speaking in the language of business, those who were able to be lured into a financial pyramid are not our target audience at all

PS: remember that "give money and we will give more" is the story of a scam. In our business, you need to work and study.

For your safety, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.

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