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How to return deposits from Step to Leadership honest Trader reviews

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Step to Leadership is an ordinary psvedo broker with a lousy reputation. Let's try to understand why this broker has a dubious reputation by studying the details of its activities and understand: do I need to transfer my time to it?

The company's website and employees report that the organization offers various programs that are used for Forex trading. In fact, our employees could not get access even in test mode. This raises suspicions, and therefore we advise you to avoid Step to Leadership - Forex trader, in order not to get into trouble.

Step to Leadership - scammers?

The analysis should begin with the study of data from open access, which are posted on the organization's website. For the comfort of readers, we will tell it in an understandable form.

The official address of Step to Leadership is Majuro Marshall Islands MH 96960, Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island. In fact, the broker is a subsidiary of the company, which is allegedly registered in the Marshall Islands.

No one can vouch for the veracity of this data. However, it is extremely difficult to find an organization in this territory. And yet, you can find a company on websites that collect information about offices offshore.

Of course, no information about Step to Leadership could be found. There is not even an organization with a similar name. Accordingly, our specialists could not find any mention of the head of the enterprise. Accordingly, we can safely say that Step to Leadership is lying to its customers and withholding data. The lack of information about the owner is a reliable confirmation of the illegal work of Step to Leadership.

And if the registration data were present, this is not enough. The Marshall Islands does not have specialized competencies for monitoring and operating in the Forex market.

After all, offshore companies attract scammers precisely by the lack of regulation. Accordingly, even the presence of the company in the lists does not give confidence in its reliability. You can't follow the laws if there aren't any.

International rules are not for criminals!

The presence of Step to Leadership regional offices in Australia and England is also suspicious. Brokers, in order to work in these countries, are required to obtain official documents from the relevant structures:

  1. ASIC (Australia)
  2. FCA (UK)

These official documents are necessary for legitimate work on the Forex exchange. If they are absent, the company is threatened with a hefty fine, and the managers - the need to answer according to the law.

In order to check whether Step to Leadership has official documents, we will find information on the Companies House (UK) website.

After spending some time, we could not identify the organization in the organization's lists. Accordingly, we can state that Step to Leadership is a scam. At least they do not hesitate to lie to their clients about representative offices and registration.

Don't you want to become a victim? Research information about companies before you start working with . Only firms with a positive reputation and a long period of activity deserve respect.

We advise you to cooperate exclusively with legal organizations. Interaction with investment protection funds allows legal organizations to promise the safety of traders' funds.

What is the result?

Papers posted on the website at least doubtful. It's hard to say whether it's scanned papers or just an edited picture. In any case, they cannot be called legal papers. The rights and obligations in the user agreement are unclear. There is no information about the actual date of the office, information about the owners. All this is used to evade responsibility to customers and the law.

Step to Leadership is a fraudster who pretends to be a legal broker. This is a divorce to lure investments from ordinary users. Similar offices do not live long. In the event that the number of negative reviews becomes critical, they will disappear, but only in order to reappear later under a new name and continue to deceive traders.

The leverage of Step to Leadership is another way to steal currency

And although it is obvious that Step to Leadership is a fraudster, let's study another suspicious moment. On the official website of the company, you can find information about the possibility of playing on the stock exchange with a leverage of 1 to four hundred, and more. However, from the point of view of the laws, this ratio is too dangerous. Because of this, it is not sanctioned in civilized countries. Due to current restrictions, most of the official enterprises use leverage up to one in 30 or 1 in fifty.

The only exception is Switzerland, whose organizations are highly trusted. Because of this, it is Swiss traders who are chosen by experienced or risky citizens who are ready to take a risk.

Accordingly, in order not to let yourself be fooled, you need to remember the current limits of leverage. If you see that a firm registered in the UK is not able to trade on the Forex financial exchange with a leverage of more than 1 in thirty. In that case, if you are promised more, then most likely they are going to cheat. This scam works like this: the trader is forced to take a significant debt and transfer funds to the dealers.

Reviews of Step to Leadership from victims

Before investing money in a dubious company, find out what traders who have already had experience interacting with it write.

After analyzing thematic portals, mass media and social networks, our employees found a small number of reviews. All positive comments are clearly paid for, but the bad ones are quite similar to the real ones. Because of this, Step to Leadership is a dishonest broker that deceives its users. And if you plan to invest money, we do not recommend doing this.

Are you planning to be another victim of fraud? No? In this case, analyze the companies and their data, consult with experienced traders and only then take steps. There are a lot of crooks in the Forex market, and Step to Leadership is one of them.

Big Profits with Step to Leadership? No!

Do you really believe that you can earn income by becoming a victim of a scam?

However, the employees of Step to Leadership promise large receipts, instant earnings, in the shortest possible time. Such offers are extremely attractive, but with their help, scammers lure gullible customers into their clutches and steal their currency.

With the help of social networks, criminals make a lot of pages that promote non-existent services. A lot of Twitter profiles show us "successful success": photos with luxury cars, data on successful deals, holidays at popular resorts, expensive purchases. They put pressure on the envy of ordinary citizens who want a similar life, push them into the clutches of fraudsters.

The goal of scammers is to get a phone number or another contact. After that, Step to Leadership employees will start spamming and calling, promising significant income, tempting them to pay them right now. The arguments for starting cooperation can be different, for example: combinations of celestial bodies and stars, the Mayan calendar, etc.

Some users may believe that profits will go in the near future. But Step to Leadership is a scam. Scammers will take your money and try to steal more. The scam will stop only when the victim runs out of currency, or the scammers themselves decide to finish. Step to Leadership will easily inform you that you need to invest even more to get money, and they will stop only when they realize that there is nothing more to take.

When is Step to Leadership registered?

The website shows data that the online broker's activity has been going on for more than 10 years. In addition, they provide services of the highest quality, all over the globe, and the employees are experienced traders.

In addition, we are shown various thematic awards, they tell us about representative offices in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. Users are served by more than 10 thousand employees who work in regional offices or remotely from various parts of the earth. It sounds attractive, but our experts decided to clarify this information.

The first stage of the analysis was the study of the Step to Leadership website. To do this, we were able to find information about domain registration. It turned out that less than a month has passed since the registration.

The phone number posted on the website. We check and make the results.

After checking the phone number information on the Step to Leadership website, we found that it was used by the Comax Invest broker. It is also associated with a large number of cases of financial fraud, as reported by negative reviews on the network. Of course, this information only reinforced our fears. Criminals do not even try to hide, hoping for naive traders.

Step to Leadership balance - how to top up, withdraw?

On the official Step to Leadership website, you can find many options for adding funds to your account, as well as from official companies. We failed to check the replenishment method due to AML and KYC. However, citizens invest currency to make a profit. Accordingly, our specialists are interested, first of all, in the method of currency withdrawal. Unfortunately, Step to Leadership won't let you get your money back.

In addition, experienced scammers manipulate customers so that they replenish their account as often as possible.

The principles of working with the broker are very poorly written, but in the frequently asked questions section we were able to find important information. Step to Leadership allows itself to withdraw money for the absence of activity for more than three months. The amount of the fine is not spelled out anywhere. With this Step to Leadership will remove illegal extortion from users, which cannot be protested.

In addition, the client simply has no one to turn to for help.

The Step to Leadership company has a negative balance.

Compliance with the legislation is an extremely important point, which we constantly talk about. The presence of official control allows us to guarantee that organizations will honestly fulfill their obligations and the finances of their users will not suffer. In addition, all law-abiding companies are obliged to protect their customers from losses. To do this, regulators in the UK and the European Union oblige the firm to provide protection from a negative balance. This prevents the client from spending more money than he has on his balance. In the event that the balance still goes into negative, then the company providing the services is obliged to return it to 0.

Step to Leadership is a Forex broker that allows you to trade with a negative balance. This is usually used in order for the trader to spend as much money as possible closing the hole in the balance. Step to Leadership is a scam that spends clients' money, and then demands to repay the debt using methods of psychological pressure. If this happened to your relatives or to you, remember - you can not make concessions. No matter how they threaten, the scammers are not able to cause physical harm. Criminals have no legal methods to take your money.

Step to Leadership - scammers, not an honest trader with increased risk. This is evidenced by the lack of registration and official documents. Accordingly, the funds of Step to Leadership users will not be protected.

What software does Step to Leadership work with? Meta trader 4, 5

There is information on the official Step to Leadership website that they provide the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, which are already known to all stockbrokers as effective tools for working on the exchange. Unfortunately, neither our employees nor ordinary customers were able to test the software. The fact is that you can get the opportunity to try it only by registering with AML or KYC. The systems are used to resist the legalization of capital. Accordingly, it is necessary to give Step to Leadership personal data, or rather:

  • a document confirming the registration of an individual
  • a document confirming the presence of a permanent place of residence (receipt for payment of communal services);
  • a document confirming qualifications and experience.

Since Step to Leadership exclusively tries to appear as a registered broker, it is not allowed to transfer personal information to him. Such firms try to deceive the regulatory authorities and hide information about themselves. In the event that your personal data gets into their claws, then there is a serious possibility of their resale to third parties. In addition, it is possible to use personal information in illegal schemes.

Working with Step to Leadership using a demo account. Is it real?

Sometimes, even the lack of data makes it possible to understand a lot about the organization. For example, Step to Leadership for some reason does not provide its customers with the opportunity to try programs or enable demo balance. According to the legislation, all law-abiding enterprises must give access to test services in order for the user to have the opportunity to test their strength using game currency and then register for, send funds to the account. In the event that there are no trial versions of the service, this is very suspicious. Our suspicions about Step to Leadership are only being confirmed.

Some information about Meta Trader

Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 software is often found in legal firms that operate in a legal field. This is the best option for trading on the Forex market.

The first positions among the software for the financial market, Meta Trader provided useful visualization tools: graphs and charts, a large number of indicators, advisors. In addition, it is possible to use more than 10,000 different developments and applications from qualified programmers. But, of course, in order to effectively apply these programs, you need to spend time and effort on studying.

Is it possible to try to work with Step to Leadership? No way!

Step to Leadership - a fraudster? Does the broker have permissions?

Of course not. Before giving personal money to a company, it is necessary to test all the information about it. Most often, pseudobirzheviki are not controlled by the state and have an illegal center dealing with management. In case of trouble, they will not come to the aid of the victim.

It is impossible to file a complaint against the actions of the scammer to one of the controlling organizations

  • FCA - Financial Regulation and Supervision Authority;
  • CySEC - Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Civilized countries will not allow the existence of shadow companies such as Step to Leadership. Therefore, reasonable people need to avoid unlicensed brokers, do not spend money on them.

Scam Scheme Step to Leadership:

  1. There are many advertising posts on social networks and websites. This is necessary in order to get maximum appeals from potential victims;
  2. Having received an email and a phone number, representatives of Step to Leadership begin to call and send messages with guarantees of profit in the shortest possible time;
  3. Breeders pull out credit card details, ostensibly wanting to help with investing. You are not obliged to give them information. Do not give them personal information if you do not want to get into loans;
  4. Time will pass, and scammers will do everything so that you send even more funds. If you close the trades with no profit, they will begin to recommend covering the loss with new investments. In case of a profitable transaction, they will offer to send more money to the account to improve income;
  5. If the client tries to return the money, representatives of Step to Leadership will begin to persuade him to change his decision. At any opportunity, scammers will try to force the victim to transfer even more money.

Is Step to Leadership really a Forex broker? Of course not. These are scammers who steal money from gullible users under the guise of a regulated organization. The personal data of Step to Leadership specialists are securely hidden so that it is impossible for law enforcement agencies to identify them. This makes it possible to deceive citizens without fear.

Conclusions of our employees: Step to Leadership - deception

Summing up the conclusions, we will try to list all the facts that indicate that Step to Leadership are criminals

  1. The company does not have registration even in a shadow country.
  2. During the analysis of the Internet broker's website, there are not even 30 days, which means that all information about scammers is fiction.
  3. A fake broker does not have a permit to provide trading services.
  4. The non-broker does not have a regulatory body.
  5. Addresses of scammers are a deception.
  6. The pseudo-broker's documentation does not have a legal basis.
  7. The location of representative offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia is a hoax.
  8. The company's phone is assigned to exchange manipulators and, moreover, with a similar psvedobroker.
  9. Negative reviews about Step to Leadership from former clients.
  10. Do not give the option to open a demo account.
  11. Do not provide software verification capabilities without sending personal data.
  12. There is no negative balance protection.
  13. Illegal leverage ratio.
  14. Illegal receipt and further use of personal information is not excluded.
  15. A fraudster rips off money for passivity after 90 days.
  16. Constant emotional pressure from the managers of the shadow company.
  17. There are no ways to withdraw funds when scammers decide that you want to deposit more funds.

Step to Leadership - divorce. Our specialists are 100 percent sure of this. Score from 1 to 10 - 0!

For your safety, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.

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