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The global energy crisis hits the wallet and nerves

The resumption of the Civaux-2 has been postponed by nine months to the end of this year. EDF now expects to generate 300 to 330 terawatt hours from the power plant this year, up from a previous estimate of 330 to 360 terawatt hours.

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Broker scam Brokerage that's why we think so

When we get to the official website of Brokeragea -, we learn that the organization under study offers intermediary services for working on the Forex market in England. In addition, Brokeragea provides programs for financial transactions.

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COVID-19 pandemic hits Uber, propelled them to grow in a lucrative direction

Uber cleaned up subsidiaries last year, acquiring a fast-growing delivery business. Uber's quarterly revenue statistics for the last two quarters show growth of 75% and 55%.

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