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Keller Finance is not a fraud or scam

Keller Finance is not a scammer 17 / November / 22 Homer Barton Visitors: 18 Rating:

Forex broker scams are not asleep. Every day they develop new schemes, practicing them on inexperienced players. For them, stock exchanges are considered the most attractive objects, because who doesn't want to make a profit right away? Remember, a normal company will not impose incomprehensible, dubious services, promising instant earnings. Moreover, an honest broker does not assign additional, unaccounted-for commissions and has a working website.

Keller Finance is not a fraud company and is not on the broker scam list, because it always works openly. Clear terms of cooperation, a system of bonuses and compensations. Documents are not hidden from users. More than 1000 clients trust the exchange. Among them, there are quite well-known, large investors.

The online platform works without "cold calls" and psychological pressure. All transactions are verified, and possible risks are reported in advance. Everything is fair and transparent. Before trading, each player goes through the registration, and verification procedure and enters into a contract with the company.

Keller Finance legit does not work with unknown payment systems. There are also no transfers of funds to employees' bank cards.

Signs of broker forex scammer

An unscrupulous service is quite easy to spot. Here's what to look out for:

  • the size of profit. Scammers usually do not trifle, offering to earn huge sums in a short time. At the same time, the risks are minimal or they simply do not exist;

  • availability of documents;

  • request for a transfer to a personal card;

  • calls from hidden or different numbers at any time of the day with intrusive offers to invest in a dubious asset;

  • presence of psychological pressure.

The form of communication is also considered. Rude, non-business interaction with the client is not acceptable.

Signs of an honest broker on the example of Keller Finance

Keller Finance has an official website and a secure connection. Every transaction is verifiable. There is free training under the supervision of an expert. Managers do not practice calling customers and do not impose incomprehensible services. All employees are polite, never rude, not rude.

The support service deserves special attention. It works efficiently, and quickly. It is multilingual and the answer can be received within 30 minutes. There are several ways to apply. Customers determine the tariff themselves. They have working Forex tools at their disposal, and trading can be conducted around the clock.

Keller Finance legit allows you to use trading signals. The site has manuals, instructions, and all information confirming the legality of the activity. Additional payments are not provided. The broker always adheres to the agreement. The contract is concluded using an electronic signature. To set an automatic command, justcall Keller Finance.

Quality Control Department

The Keller Finance quality control department consists of 150 people. It regularly improves the service by studying customer requests and building communication between employees. The division provides statistics and analytical data. Also engaged in the development of service standards. There are other tasks as well:

  • staff training;

  • study of broker's products;

  • control of several departments, including IT;

  • adaptation, training of beginners;

  • development and implementation of motivation programs;

  • improving the work of support service operators;

  • checking and thorough study of dialogues, for immediate response to appeals.

The department also corrects employees' actions and increases the involvement of operators in the process of interaction with customers. The department has its own standards. It is thanks to the competence and professionalism of the employees that the helpdesk works smoothly. Is the company Keller Finance fraud? No, because the company operates openly.

Broker and his attitude to clients

Keller Finance is a good broker, the company always takes care of clients and creates the most comfortable terms. That's what you can count on:

  • training materials and demonstration account freely available;

  • regular risk notification;

  • several account types;

  • tax consultation and participation in portfolio construction;

  • fixed commissions;

  • popular Forex instruments;

  • full adherence to the contract.

If the company Keller Finance scam, why it provides 24/7 support?


Reviews of Forex brokers will tell you more about the company and help you to make sure of its reliability once again. The company operates under a license without violating the law. The best terms for trading are created here.


  • Question: - Is the company Keller Finance scam?
  • Answer: No, because Keller Finance is a SWIFT affiliate, which means that it is not only a reliable company but also a company of high status.
  • Question: - What should I do if I have problems?
  • The answer: - The fixed contact details for customer support are mentioned above and can also be found on the company's website.
  • Question: - Should to trust the blacklists of brokers?
  • Answer: - So-called blacklists of brokers are nothing but an unfair method of competition, therefore one should not trust a knowingly false and biased point of view".


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Comments 6

Frances Mullins 

I opened PRO account in Keller Finance Limited in summer with initial investment of 10,000 bucks. Very nice spreads at this level, I'm happy with it. Profit is growing. This is probably the most important difference from the packages below. I have a personal manager, although I almost do not use this service, I ate all my dogs on forex a long time ago. MetaTrader 4 platform solves all problems up to complete automation of the process. The analytics are great. I don't need demo and micro accounts anymore, but just know that the broker doesn't have them at all)))) for all packages there is scalping, news trading, leverage of 1:300 and 50 key currency pairs in the asset.

Herbert Andrews

I can't say anything bad for sure. Everything is high quality and decent, guys keep up the service. As for the cons, I didn't find any. Spreads are the lowest I've seen. As for me.

Kristen Brown

This brokerage company will be very good for you if you understand this business. What you guys need to understand is that your success is based more on your own skills and less on the broker you choose. In case you know how to trade this company will do more for you.

Johnny Wells 

The company leads the way among brokers by providing the ability to trade binary options and CFDs. It is an interesting broker which has managed to make a huge leap forward in its development, gaining the trust of millions of traders all over the world and offering the most favorable conditions for binary options trading.

Gerald Brown 

I talked to the support, to the managers. My impression is quite normal. I was in the mood for a good work. I opened an account. In general I feel comfort in the fact that I can stay in touch with the support team 24 hours a day. Although I see only pluses in the company, I haven't noticed any minuses. But it may be too early for definitive conclusions, but I'm determined to wait and see.

Ruth Shaw 

A month ago I switched to Keller Finance Limited. Started at the basic level. Now I'm thinking of moving up to the next level. Generally speaking, at the beginning I wanted to test the efficiency of the whole system. I was interested in the speed of orders execution, slippage and requotes, how managers behaved behind my back, etc. I have not had anything out of the ordinary in this time, I'm satisfied with everything. Everything works smoothly and accurately. I had one hangup on the phone, but it was not a complaint about the broker, that's for sure). I think it's time to update the model, no matter how hard it is, but Metatrader takes a lot of RAM.