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Keller Finance Limited reviews and how to read them

Forex broker Keller Finance Limited - review 07 / November / 22 Homer Barton Visitors: 26 Rating: ★★★★★

Browsing through Forex brokers reviews could really be fascinating. Sometimes it may seem that the market if overfilled with scammers, and that those who are not scammers are just trying to do their best to make everything as much complicated for a user, as it is possible. We’ve gathered the juiciest things of this kind from the reviews about Keller Finance Limited and convinced one of the company’s execs to comment on them.

Question: What is the most common complaint you’ve met in Keller Finance Ltd reviews in 2022?

James Lee, Keller Finance Limited CTO: It is hard to select a specific issue. But what never gets old is the fact that people still don’t read the documents till the very end. Therefore, their life brings them surprises.

Q: Is there any protocol regarding working with user reviews in Keller Finance Limited?

JL: Sure. There is a policy for these cases – no matter what the tone of the feedback is, if there is a real problem behind it, it should be solved. Some of the Forex broker Keller Finance reviews were really useful, because they helped us to understand what wasn’t working as it should.

Q: Could you name any of these useful things found in Keller Finance Ltd reviews?

JL: Technical issues mainly, these were identified and fixed. And there were issues with the work of customer support department which have been fixed or in the process of being fixed. They will really become faster very soon.

Q: Are there things in these Forex broker reviews that can’t be fixed?

JL: I would say, Keller Finance Limited investment reviews include things that we just can’t fix on our own. Like withdrawal terms, to name some. We can add alternative methods of payments to provide the faster alternative, but we can’t make the banks work faster. They work like they work, they are not in a hurry. There are some Keller Finance Limited invest reviews saying the other broker work faster. But if you look at their payment methods you’ll see, that they don’t support bank transfers, or Visa and Mastercard payments. Of course, crypto is faster, but it does not fit all the clients.

Q: We suggest that at least some of the reviews of Keller Finance Ltd are the elements of competition, like your competitors pay for them. Is it true? How can we identify these things?

JL: There are some cases, of course. I would recommend paying attention to details when reading Keller Finance broker reviews. If someone says the company is bad, or doesn’t pay, there should be details. Like it doesn’t pay on time, or doesn’t pay at all, or it is regarding some specific payment method? If there are no details, just statements full of emotions, that is most likely fake Forex broker review.

Q: And what if there are some good things in reviews of Keller Finance Limited?

JL: We definitely didn’t pay for that. So if someone says Keller Finance Ltd is the best broker for low-cost trading, or call it the best broker for beginners, it doesn’t mean this person was paid for that. Again, remember about the details.

Q: Is the company really best broker for beginners? We have met different opinions regarding that. There were critics saying that minimal deposit of EUR250 is too high. And many reviews of Keller Finance Limited mention the absence of demo mode, or training mode for beginners.

JL: I was waiting for this question, as I’ve seen these reviews about Keller Finance Ltd, too. Firstly, the difference between EUR100 and EUR250 for an entry ticket, so to speak, is not so significant. And secondly, we really tried to make the platform as simple for trading as it was possible. Before it went live it was tested by a big focus group consisting of traders with no experience at all or minimal experience. None of them faced significant difficulties in mastering the functionality and analytical tools. But if there is still some difficulties, there is a personal account manager, there are our regular webinars, there is also support department.

Q: What would you recommend to the authors of Keller Finance reviews as of 2022, criticizing the company?

JL: When you are discussing something with support or account manager, please be specific. Most of the technical things mentioned in Forex broker reviews can be fixed, really. But efficiency and speed of this process depends on details you provide. The more details we have from the beginning – logs, screenshots, description of your actions – the faster it can be fixed.

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Joseph Dixon

I've never had such a big demand for it. I have a few ways to withdraw money from MetaTrader. There are trading opportunities for both beginners and experienced traders. I trade relatively recently, about six months, I originally decided to start doing it with this broker and so far I'm not looking for any alternatives.

Mary Evans 

It was a positive experience at the beginning of my career. Now I continue to trade here, I've caught the wave. When I first started, I watched a lot of tutorials. Now we can also say that they put all the tools in their hands, right down to the high quality analytics.

Carmen Richardson 

It's a big company . I've always preferred companies where you can talk to other people and not just push buttons. You know I've been doing that for ten years.

Teresa Hill 

Trading has helped me survive in quarantine - turned out to be so many fascinating hobbies. I wanted to try some trades, I traded for three months after work for about three hours a day. Honestly, I recommend it.

Margaret Schmidt 

Moved to Keller Finance Limited after withdrawal delays started at FreshForex. I made my withdrawal twice in 4 months and it took me up to one hour. And the time did not depend on the amount, at least 10 bucks, at least five hundred. The commission is only charged bank, the broker does not put a percentage either on entry or on withdrawal. I also would like to say that I've never had any problem with slippage, as I've never had any problem with order execution. I should say right away that there are no demo and micro accounts, but I personally associate these options with the kitchen, so I would not fall for this functionality. The broker works with real accounts and takes trades on the external market. The spreads are static, the quotes on the average correspond to the market or slightly lower. The communication with the support is not well organized. In some cases, the programmer cannot contact the trader immediately. Worth thinking about how to screw the online chat on the site or make manager's contact in Skype or any other messenger.

John Alexander

I would recommend this great company if you are looking to trade at a comfortable pace. No one is rushed, no calls twelve times a day with fabulous promises. I can spend my time and investments as I wish.

James Brooks 

A month ago I joined Keller Finance Limited. Started at a basic level. Now I'm thinking of moving up to the next level. I wanted to test the efficiency of the whole system. I was interested in the speed of orders execution, slippage and requotes, how managers behaved behind my back, etc. I have not had anything out of the ordinary in this time, I'm satisfied with everything. Everything works smoothly and accurately. I had one hangup on the phone, but it was not a complaint about the broker, that's for sure). It's time to update the model, no matter how you look at it, but Metatrader pulls a lot of RAM.