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Broker CED Capital Limited and its features

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It is possible to trade on Forex through an intermediary. To do this, you need to choose a broker and open an account with him. CED Capital Limited is a specialized company providing financial services. There is a full set of licenses, as well as reporting. All this confirms the legality of the activity.

A European market participant simplifies trading. Prepares documents, opens accounts, and compiles analytics. The broker also helps pick up strategies and pays taxes for clients.

CED Capital Limited provides training. There are no systematized courses, but there are books, articles, videos and a glossary of terms. No fees are accrued for the use. The site is convenient, modern, with a simple, clear interface. Translated into several languages, including Russian. All active buttons are in the top bar.

The company publishes up-to-date news and updates the calendar of economic events on a daily basis.

Verification is required to activate your account. Data can be verified through banking. Commissions are determined by the type of account. They are fixed. They change in case another tariff is connected.

Forex broker CED Capital Limited is a modern platform with advanced functionality. That's why it is worth paying attention to it:

  • there is an elaborate system of incentives;
  • transactions are withdrawn аt once the Forex market;
  • flexible conditions;
  • acceptable size of leverage;
  • variety of trading resources;
  • professional support of users.

Orders are executed lightning fast, there are no hidden fees. There is a web-terminal. It is a very convenient tool for trading. It does not need to be downloaded and installed as habitual programs. It consumes a small amount of traffic, so you can work with mobile devices. It does not freeze, does not crash, and therefore nothing will interfere with the transaction. As in conventional applications, there are also standard types of orders.

CED Capital Limited does not limit withdrawal amounts, accepting applications only on weekdays. Usually, the money comes within a few days, but mostly it depends on the bank.

Forex Scammers

Scammers are criminals fraudulently swindle people out of money. They emphasize accent instant profit, which, understandably, no one gets.

Scammers most often use the following methods:

  • telephone marketing. Fraudsters actively practice cold calls, obsessively offering their services. They take over databases illegally and start actively offering products, schemes, strategies even to those who are absolutely far from investments. Their task is to attract attention as quickly as possible by talking about a chance to make quick money with minimal risk and get paid. They act aggressively, manipulate, and exert psychological pressure;
  • mailing by e-mail, SMS and messengers. Everything is similar to the previous option, except that all offers come in writing. Remember, CED Capital Limited contacts only through official channels, and company representatives are never the first to start a dialogue;
  • Forex advertising links. This variety of scam is usually used on websites as well as in popular social networks. The ad is often accompanied by a photo of a famous personality, for on an unconscious level arouses curiosity, prompting them to take action.

Also con artists like to make up different stories, leading the narrative in the first person, using visual effects, showing the transformation of a person.

What are the signs issue of a scammer?

That's what points to unscrupulous brokers:

  • independent connection with the client. No one was looking for the company, but its representatives themselves started calling and offering some services;
  • expired licenses or their complete absence. Scammers have no documents confirming the legality of their activities;
  • Forex trading takes time. The promise of quick profits with a modest investment and minimal risks is one of basic techniques of the intruders;
  • Excessive friendliness, unprofessional communication. Representatives of false companies rubbed trust by asking about personal life, work, etc. They use the obtained information to manipulate. Forex broker CED Capital Limited does not arrives so, because it values its reputation;
  • dissuade self-education. Pseudo-brokers insist that clients trust their "experience" and let them make their own decisions. If there are any educational materials, they are provided for a fee;
  • offer high spreads. The normal range is usually two to three pips in EUR/USD. Scammers can exceed this figure several times;
  • The use of complicated jargon in the user agreement. The contract is as unclear as possible, and there are a number of pitfalls in each clause.

Scammers usually have a limited list of payment systems, as well as they can block access to the personal account for no reason. CED Capital Limited is not a scammer, because it works honestly, and its activities are closely is following by the regulator.

How do understand that CED Capital Limited is working honestly?

A normal broker does not hide anything and does not try to impose unnecessary services. It has a regulator, licenses, several tariffs. The conditions offered are clear, there are no hidden commissions.

Plus, a good service, which is what CED Capital Limited is, provides free training and fulfills financial obligations. Documents are publicly available in the "about us" section. All clients are given access to leverage and all risks are communicated in advance.

The withdrawal policy is simple and straightforward. The account is funded using popular payment systems, and the money comes within a few days.

Forex broker CED Capital Limited has more than 100 currency pairs, and the support team works around the clock. Popular financial instruments are offered for trading.

That's why the company is trusted:

  • there has never been a record of bankruptcy;
  • there is up-to-date analytics, and news is published daily;
  • affordable education;
  • fixed commissions, depending on the tariff;
  • a system of bonuses and compensation.

Plus, a number of positive reviews of CED Capital Limited, posted on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, confirm the regularity of payments.

There are also some minor drawbacks:

  • the company does not provide instant withdrawal;
  • the application can only be left on a weekday.

The broker does not promise instant profits and is not silent about the risks.

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